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john in treeon the horizon

About Untitled and On the Horizon:

"Two videos that attach the eye to the body. Both videos are from a time when I used a narrow hilltop in Griffith Park as a studio. Primarily the work I did there was photographic and involved the visually broad and physically constrained point of the hilltop as a viewing mechanism.

Untitled - After working at the hilltop for a while I was occasionally asked, "What is this place you go to?" and if my answer wasn't adequate, "Where is it?" I realized my interest was never in documenting the physical appearance of the place. After all this time I really didn't have any photographs that could offer that information. So I decided to go up during broad daylight and make that type of photograph. This video provides a way to answer those questions while folding that type of photograph into the actual space that I spent time in.

On the Horizon - At sunset the street in front of my apartment provides a view of this hilltop I frequented. It is just a point on a huge lumpy black horizon line that is partially comprised of Griffith Park. Usually my time in the park would precede and then carry through sunset. It was an immersion and would probably be better served if this video was titled "In the Horizon." Except that "On" can suggest within oneself: You are on drugs."

John Pearson