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About Empty House

"When a crime is committed and the tv news shows up, they're not allowed access into the scene, usually a house, so they stand on the parameter and we hear the detailed stories of death as we watch slow camera-zooms into the windows of the house.  This is where our morbid imagination kicks in."

About Manifesto

"Manifesto' is a no-budget bio-pic on the Unabomber, starring David Hughes as Ted Kaczynski, and edited by Fil Ruting.
I built the cabin interior into my studio and lived with it for over two years while shooting.  It's a factual account of this American terrorist's eighteen year bombing campaign against industrial society, except in my movie he doesn't get caught, he makes a time machine."

About Candle Story

The movie 'Apocalypse Now' was inspired by Joseph Conrad's novel 'Heart of Darkness'. 'Candle Story' was inspired by both, a conflated capriccio. In the book, Conrad wrote: "We live in the flicker . . . but darkness was here yesterday."

Andrew Hahn